National Service Scheme 

The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. Popularly known as NSS, the scheme was launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year, 1969. Aimed at developing student’s personality through community service, NSS is a voluntary association of young people in Colleges.

In our College NSS was started in the beginning of the College. NSS College unit conducted a number of activities in every year. Some of the activities of NSS are listed below

Activities report 2020 21


The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a Central Sector Scheme of Government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. It provides opportunity to the student  to take part in various government led community service activities & programmes. The sole aim of the NSS is to provide hands on experience to young students in delivering community service. Since inception of the NSS in the year 1969, the number of students strength increased from 40,000 to over 3.8 million up to the end of March 2018 students in various universities, colleges and Institutions of higher learning have volunteered to take part in various community service programmes.

24-09-2019   NSS DAY :Collage making competition on the topic duties and responsibilities of NSS volunteers

02-10-2019 Gandhi Jayanthi programmes: Cleaning and cleanliness Pledge taking

04-10-2019 Awareness class on Drug Uses and Abuses: Awareness Class  by  Sri, Harikumar (Vimukthi)

10-10-2019  World Mental Health Day  (NSS & JEEVANI) As part of world Mental health day the following programs were arranged

Awareness class on “MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS AMONG YOUTH” by Mrs. Shaimah Abdul Kader (Additional Counsellor, Family Court,Tirur) in seminar hall at 2.30 p.m

Wall painting on the topic 40Seconds of action to prevent suicide. Anyone can draw within 40 seconds. The function was inaugurated by respected principal Dr,Ushakumary by drawing a smiley.

Way to positive thoughts.  Positive thoughts were written in colourful piece of papers and hanged it in the college entrance

16-10-2019 Swatch Bharath : college canteen and nearby area cleaning


22-10-2019 Awareness class on Healthy Adolescence in collaboration with community Health Centre Vettom

Resource persons:Sri.Unnikrishnan(Health Supervisor),Sri. Rajith Kumar(Health Inspector),

Smt. Jini Jacob(Junior Health Inspector)

24-10-2019 Abhayam Bhavan  Thakoldhanam

Inauguration: Adv. N Shamsudheen M L A

29-10-2019 traffic awareness class on “Zero Accidents”

Resource Person: Sri. Bijulal valeri (Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector, Tirur)

31-10-2019  National Unity Day celebration


Run For Unity and pledge taking

04-11-2019 Awareness class on green campus

Awareness class arranged for NSS volunteers in collaboration with Suchitwa Mission , Local Self Government Department , Government of Kerala,  to understand the importance of Green campus.  Sri. Sankaranarayan  , State Resource person, KILA  lead the session and he promised to make an action plan for green campus for TMG


06-11-2019  c4ccci Awareness class on caring for childhood cancer and acute illness

Resource person:Dr.Namshad, District coordinator, Malappuram

08-11-2019  Preparation for vegetable garden along with agriculture department at college



14-11-2019 (Children’s Day celebration)


16-11-2019 Beach Cleaning in collaboration with Ministry of Environmental Forests and Climate change Project “Desiya Kadalora sucheekarana yatnam” and pledge taking

18-11-2019 vegetable plantation at college by NSS volunteers and college Union in collaboration with vettom Krishi Bhavan

18-11-2019 (vimukti)

Inauguration of Lahari mukta Campus

Collaborating agencies:

Excise Depatment,Malappuram, College Union, NCC, JEEVANI

21-11-2019 Orientation programme for first year NSS volunteers:

Resource person: sri. Basheer Ahmed

22-11-2019 Meeting on Action plan for green campus:

Established a Project management committee for an action plan for green campus at college in collaboration with suchitwa mission and Haritha Kerala Mission

03-12-2019  constitution day As part of constitution day on November 26th ,an awareness class on fundamental duties (Indian constitution) was handled by sri. V.T. Renjith,Assistant  Professor of political science, SDE,Calicut University

03-12-2019  International Day of Disabled Persons An experience sharing session on the difficulties faced by disabled was conducted by NSS in collaboration with JEEVANI. The session was handled by  by Sri. Muthu Assistant Professor in the department of Malayalam, TMGC.

05-12-2019  world soil day In order to make the soil plastic free the NSS volunteers along with NCC cadets  collected the plastics in the selected portion of Vakkad beach and the college premises

19-12-2019 Pre camp orientation A pre camp orientation session was conducted for the selected volunteers. The session was handled by Dr. Jabir and Dr. Preethi. B.Menon. In this particular occasion the previous NSS programme officers were honoured by giving momento

23-12-2019 to 29-12-2019 -7 days NSS camp The 2019-2020, 7 days special camp named “Kaithangu” was held at AMLP school, Vakkad. On the first day, 23-12-2019 as strict attendance was ensured by the programme officers all the volunteers assembled in the camp on time for registration.  , The programme officer Sri. Ahmed kutty, Introduced the camp schedule before the volunteers. They were properly oriented about the environment of the school. Smt. Kavitha. V.K another programme officer , conveyed the norms of behavior in the camp. The volunteers were divided into 5 groups . each group members and leaders were reminded of their goals and responsibilities. At 2.00 pm the first session of the special camp was started  and it was handled by psychologist smt. Shamnisha on the topic leadership skills. After this session the volunteers prepared the camp site for the camp.


The second day of the special camp started with assembly and it was followed by an  announcement Rally and cleaning the camp site. At 10.30 am NSS Flag Hoisted by the head mistress of AMLP School. After Flag Hoisting the inaugural ceremony of the camp was conducted. NSS volunteer Sri. Sravan Sourav welcomed all. The inaugural speeches were delivered by Sri. Adv. Nazarulla, Block Panchayat Member. Smt. Noorjahan, Panchayath Member presided the function. NSS Programme Officer Prof. Ahmed kutty introduced the camp schedule. Union Chairman Sri.E P Sibin wished through falicitation. The session ended with vote of thanks by Nihal,NSS volunteer.At.230 pm a session on the topic increasing use of drug among youth was handled by Sri.Anvar Sadit , Excise Department Malappuram. The volunteers arranged a Christmas carole. At 7.00 pm another session on the topic “live without the fear of diseases” and the session was handled by Sri.Suhaib Riyalu, MBBS student, acupuncture. Then the cultural programme started, the volunteers exposed their talents. Then the second day of the camp ended with the feedback session.


The Christmas day was started with a morning walk and warm up exercises lead by the NCC Cadet Sri. Fayis. As usual, the assembly started with the prayer. Programme committee presented last days report and they published the daily newspaper. The food committee served the breakfast. A session of  Ice breaking and team building was held under the leadership of  Sri. Rifa Shafees. The session was really interesting and it gave an extra energy to the volunteers. Then after the Christmas special lunch the another session on the topic “Aarogya Paripalanam NIthyajeevithathil” was lead by Sri. Habeeb Noufal, MBBS Student, Kozhikode Medical College.After this session the volunteers were divided into different groups and they went for a socio economic and health survey. The survey gave them different experiences. The Christmas day ended with the cultural programme, Feedback session and cake cutting. The lights were switched off at  10.30 pm.


The fourth day of the camp started with morning assembly and there was a work out Session lead by NSS volunteer Ajith. As it was the eclipse the physics department of the college was made some arrangements for seeing the eclipse. The volunteers got an opportunity to see the eclipse using the device, and there was a session detailing the history of eclipse which was handled by Dr. Prajit Chandran, Head, Physics Department, TMGC. After lunch the volunteers engaged in the beach cleaning. The selected area of vakkad beach which is near to the camp site were cleaned by volunteers in order to make the area plastic free. After dinner , cultural programme and daily feedback session the lights were switched off at 10.00 pm.


The fifth day of the special camp was started with the assembly and routine exercises. The day was dedicated to the school kids. One of the request of the PTA  was to convert an area which is  treated as a waste dumping area by the neighbouring houses  into a play ground for the students. The volunteers worked very hard in the morning session (8-10.30 am) of the fifth and sixth day and converted the waste land into a playground. At 11.00 am there was a special programme named “KOODE”. It was an interactive session between the fourth standard kids of the school and NSS volunteers. Both of them shared their experiences and problems. The kids enjoyed alot with volunteers by singing  and dancing. They shared lunch also. The PTA president and Head mistress of the school joined the programme.After lunch there was a session handled by  smt. Akmal sulthania, counsellor on the topic  “problems in adolescence”.One of the socially relevant issue faced by our youth and others is the increasing usage of drugs. As an awareness against it the NSS Volunteers along with OAS, Kudumbasree and vettom panchayath organized a procession from vakkad to aasanpadi. Panchayat president Smt. Ramla Nellanchery inaugurated the programme. The sixth day ended with the daily feedback session, cultural programme and dinner.


The sixth day of the camp started with the daily assembly and morning exercises. Another  request of the school PTA was to make a pathway to the school. The volunteers worked hard to make a way to the school. A session on the topic “social commitment among students” was discussed by Sri. Basheer Ahamed, NSS PAC Member, GBHSS, Tirur). The last eve of the camp ended with a camp fire and all the volunteers actively participated in the programme. the programme become eyecatching and attractive. After the dinner, the camp review presentation was started. All the volunteers shared their experience about the camp days.


The volunteers cleaned all the school surroundings and packed all their bags and got ready to return back to their homes. The highlight of the day was the valedictory session. The function started with the NSS Geetham. The NSS programme officer Dr.Jabir. K.T welcomed the gathering. Smt. Noorjahan, 16th ward member, Vettom Panchayath,  Sri. Abdul Jaleel PTA president AMLP School, Vakkad, Sri. SIBIN E K (Union Chairman, TMGC) were the chief guests of  the day. After discussing about the future plans and with vote of thanks by the programme officer Prof.Kavitha V K, the camp of the year 2019-2020 ended with the national Anthem.

13-01-2020 National Youth day Essay writing competition on the topic drug use among youth: problems and solutions were organized. The winners were awarded

15-01-2020 Kitchen garden at anganwadi In collaboration with the agricultural department and Vettom Panchayath the NSS volunteers planted the seedlings of vegetables in the selected Anganwadis.

16-01-2020 Vegetable harvesting It was the harvesting of vegetables planted by NSS Volunteers in the college

 17-01-2020 Anti Narcotic Pledge As per the instruction from NSS Office anti narcotic Pledge was taken. All students, teachers, non teachers including principal of the college were participated. The pledge was announced through the college announcement room.

26-01-2020 Republic day On  Republic day  the respected Principal of the college Dr.Ushakumari.D Hoisted the flag. NSS volunteers and NCC cadets were present. A formal meeting were conducted. Principal Dr. Ushakumari,NCC Officer Captain Shukoor Illath, NSS programme officers Prof.Ahmed Kutty , Prof.Kavitha V K ,NSS Volunteers and NCC cadets were expressed their feelings and experiences about Republic day

29-01-2020  Kunjunakshathragal, Kaliyil alpam Karyam A new initiative were taken by the NSS volunteers  for kids in collaboration with the “JEEVANI”. The programme was names as “KUNJUNAKSHATHRAGAL: Kaliyil alpam Karyam”. The programme aimed at making the little kids aware about their body safety. On 29-01-2020, the Psychologist, Smt.Shamnisha trained the NSS volunteers for taking the class in front of the kids.

30-01-2020 Martyrs’s day On Martyr’s day , “Gandhi Anusmarana Quiz” competition in collaboration with VIMUKTHI, Excise Department, Malappuram were organized by the NSS Unit. The programme started with lighting lamp.The students were actively participated in the programme. The quiz covered questions related with Gandhiji and questions related with Drug. Excise Officer Sri.Anvar Sadit, taken a session on Incresing Drug Use among the Youth. The winners of quiz competition were awarded.

31-01-2020 Body safety education for kids The trained NSS volunteers went to the  LP schools at paravanna and Pariyapuram and they have taken awareness class on “Body safety”

13-02-2020 Awareness class on CORONO virus An awareness class on prevention of  Corona virus were taken by the Sri.Rajith Kumar, Health Inspector, Vettom CHC

25-02-2020 VIMUKTHI Football Competition The volunteers were participated in the football competition organized by the VIMUKTHI Excise Department, Malappuram , in the Kuttipuram Cluster at Ideal College for advanced studies, Kakkassey,Kuttippuram

03-03-2020 Arrangemnt of Venue for football competition Arranged venue for football competition organized by Vimukthi, Excise department, Tirur in collaboration with NSS, at TMGC Tirur.

03-03-2020  Extension of covid 19 awareness: The trained volunteers were conducted the awareness class on CORONA Virus to other students in the college

09-03-2020  International women’s day The international women’s day celebrated by conducting pencil drawing competition, quiz competition and just a minute for talk on the topics related to women.

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NSS Program Officers:

  1. Sri. Ahammed Kutty NP , Assistant Professor, Department of Arabic
  2. Smt. Kavitha VK, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce