Grievance Redressal Policy


Thunchan Memorial Govt. College Grievance Redressal Policy adopts a zero-tolerance approach towards ragging, sexual harassment, and other student-related issues. The following measures and mechanisms have been initiated in the college with regard to this.

  • General Awareness Measures: The policy primarily focuses on providing awareness classes to all students of the college regarding the legal consequences of ragging, sexual harassment, and so on to sensitize students to such crimes. In this connection, senior student meetings are held (separately for male and female students) where the Principal. IQAC Coordinator, Discipline Committee Convenor, Anti-Ragging Committee Convenor, Students Grievance Redressal Cell Convenor, and Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee Convenor address them prior to the commencement of first-year classes. Besides, first-year students are given an Induction Programme, with special sessions that explain the college policy and the mechanisms available to aggrieved students for redressal
  • Display Boards: Display Boards installed on the campus provide legal warnings to students.
  • Physical Measures: In order to reduce opportunities for ragging, senior students are strictly prohibited from entering the first-year classes for the initial few weeks. The first day for first-year students is declared as a holiday for senior students.
  • Anti-Ragging Pledge: The college adheres to the directives of UGC, Govt. of Kerala, and the Supreme Court of India whereby each student who takes admission in the college is required to sign an anti-ragging declaration in the presence of his/her guardian stating that he/she will not involve any ragging related issues.
  • Statutory Bodies: The college constitutes mandatory bodies like Anti-Ragging Committee, Discipline Committee, Students Grievance Redressal Cell, and Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee. These bodies take up and redress cases relating to their respective areas. They also organize awareness and sensitization programmes for students.



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