Alcohol/drug/substance abuse is becoming an increasing menace in our society. Vimukthi is an anti-drugs campaign launched by the Government of Kerala to highlight the seriousness of the situation and to create awareness among the people, especially the youth. It is a collective effort aims at eradicating all sorts of narcotic substances from Kerala. Thunchan Memorial Government College take part of this project of Government of Kerala with the collective efforts of Anti narcotic cell, National Service Scheme, Vimukthi Club and National Cadets corps of the College. As part of anti narcotics campaign the following activities were conducted in the college

Objectives of the cell

  • To ensure a drug free campus
  • To create awareness among the students about the legal consequences on  possession, use and sale of Narcotic Drugs
  • To create awareness among the students the mental and physical consequences of use of drugs
  • To conduct counselling sessions for students
  • To motivate the students to actively participate in awareness programmes conducted by the cell


KAVITHA  V K (Assistant Professor, PG Department of    Commerce)


  • Dayanandan K (Assistant Professor, PG Department of Commerce)
  • Rekha A M (Assistant Professor, PG Department of Maths)
  • Faseela CK and Lisha  (NSS Programme Officers)
  • Other members:
  • Dr. Divya. V (Covener, Women Cell)
  • Ardra (Psychologist, JEEVANI Centre)
  • Captain Shukoor Illath (NCC Officer)
  • Praseetha (Convener, Film Club)
  • Siraj ( College Union Chairman)
  • Students from different departments

Activity Report 2022-23: Click to view