Research centre

Department of Arabic, TM Govt. College, Tirur

The department of Arabic, Thunchan Memorial Govt. College, Tirur, has been recognized as research center of Arabic Language and Literature under the University of Calicut in the academic year 2018-19.

At present, there are six research supervisors and eighteen research scholars are doing their research work. Two research scholars among them are doing their research work with UGC Junior Fellowship and another one with the scholarship of Moulana Azad National Foundation (MANF).

Research Supervisors and Scholars under them:

Sl No Name of the Supervisor Name of the Research Scholar Title of the Research Topic Date of Registration
1 Dr. Sainuddeen PT Hameed V An Analytical Study on The Short Stories of Lu,Ay Hamza Abbas 19-02-2019
2 Anvar Koyamburavan Modern Narrative Approaches in The Prophet’s Biography: A Comparative Study on Ala Hamish Al Siraand Abqariyathu Mohammed 18-02-2019
3 Sidhique  MP Social Anarchy and Identify Crisis in the Two Post Invasion Iraqi Novels, Alhafeeda Al Ameerkiya And Ajaebu Bagdad: Astudy 20-02-2019
4 Mohammedkutty Muthanikkaatt Comparative study on Bynal qasrain of Naguib Mahfouz and Oru Desathinte katha of SK Pottekkatt with special reference to the socio-political aspects 18-02-2019
5 Dr. Abdul Lathief PP Safarullah EK Pastiche of Ahmad Shawqi to Hamziya of Muhammed Bin Saeed Al Busiri in Prophetic Panegyrics: A Comparative Study 30-05-2019
6 Muhammed Abdul Samad C.K Linguistic Discussions in The Book ‘Al-Badr Al-Thalih’ of Imam Jalaluddin Al-Mahalli: An Analytical Study 18-05-2020
7 Sadarudheen E Issues of Emigrant Laborers in the Short Stories of Abdul Hamid Ahmad 03-04-2019
8 Dr. Jafar Sadik PP Moideen Kutty Kanniyath History and Narration in the Palestinian Comedy Novel Series of Ibrahim Nasrullah 15-02-2019
9 Ahmed Kutty NP A Study of Tunisian Prison Novels with Special Reference to Novels of Mohammed Issa El Modeb 20-02-2019
10 Muhammed Musthefa K Lebanese Civil Wars in the Novels of Hoda Barakath: An Analytical Study 30-05-2019
11 Abdurrabb.M Cultural Conflict Between the East and the West Portrayed in Bahaa Taher’s Novels: An Analytical Study 31-05-2019
12 Dr. Muhammed Chenadan Abdul Latheef V Role of Al BUSHRA Magazine in the Development of Arabic Journalism in Kerala 22-02-2019
13 Shafeeq Hassan P The Social Aspects in Mohammed Hassan Alwan’s Novels with Special Reference to His Novel ‘Al Qundus’ 27-02-2019
14 Shuraih Poongoden Semantics Elements in the Book “I’rabul Quran Wa Bayanuhu” Muhyuddin Bin Ahamed Musthafa Darwesh : An Analytical Study 10-10-2019
15 Hussain Palekkodan A Critical Study in Arabic-Malayalam Transliteration: Principles, Challenges and Solutions 26-03-2019
16 Dr. Jabir KT Muhammad Shafi Title of research: An Analytical Study of Arabic Epistolary Poetry in Kerala 26-03-2019
17 Mohamed Saeed An Analytical Study of Egyptian Travel Literature to India Since 1947 with Special Reference to the Works of Ashraf Abulyazed 26-03-2019
18 Mohammed Sharafuddeen Badee’iyyat of Safiyyuddeen Alhilli and Muhammad Bin Saeed Albusiri: A Comparative Study 02-07-2019
19 Muhammed Abdurahman CK Curriculum of “Pallidars” and its Role in the Dissemination of Arabic Language and Literature in Kerala; An Analytical Study 30-05-2019