Welcome to Thunchan Memorial Govt. College Tirur

“Education should be imparted with a view to the type of society that we wish to build. We are working for a modern democracy built on the values of human dignity and equality. These are only ideals; we should make them living forces. Our vision of the future should include these great principles”

It gives us immense pleasure in welcoming all of you on behalf of the entire campus community of the Thunchan Memorial Government College, Tirur. The college was set up in the year 1980 and supported the student community a long way in their pursuit of dreaming the hike of the sky in acquiring knowledge. The Institute has a standing of about 43 years, dedicated and glorious service to the cause of higher education in one of the most socially and economically backward area, Vettom Panchayath of the District of Malappuram, Kerala. The establishment of the College owes to the keen desire of a group of people of this area, since the establishment of a centre for higher education in this area was the need for the economic empowerment of all socially marginalized groups who had so far been deprived of their right to education and employment. The college works for creating a breed of qualified, innovative and dynamic professionals for different sect of the society, industry, for self-employment, for academic & research institutions and to hearten them for vibrant contributions in their respective field. Thunchan Memorial Government College, Tirur was started as a junior college with Pre-Degree course in the year 1980 and has maintained its affiliation with the University of Calicut for more than 42 years since its inception. The enrolment over the years reveals that the college has made substantial contribution for the education of women, especially girls from educationally and socially backward and minority communities. The college was upgraded into a Degree College in the year 1991, into P.G. College in the year 1995 by introducing M.Sc. Mathematics and now looks forward in establishing research centers. Admissions to the Under-Graduate and post graduate courses are purely based on merit as per the criteria suggested by the affiliated University time to time. At present College has eleven academic departments and two skill acquisition centers supported by the several service centres like LAN lab, INFLIB Net, Audio Visual Lab, Language labs and Central Library. The college offers six Under-Graduate programmes in different subjects viz Mathematics, Physics, Commerce, Arabic and Malayalam and four Post-Graduate courses, viz Mathematics, Commerce, Arabic and Malayalam. 930 students, 45 qualified and competent teachers and 17 non-teaching staff form part of the teaching learning process. The college has made enviable progress in terms of physical infrastructure and learning resources. Apart from academic activities, the co-curricular activities, sports, cultural and social- service activities form very important parts of the life of the students. College has a rich Alumni base that has significantly contributed to the development of the college over the years. The Institute takes pride in alumni, have done remarkably well in all spheres of life at both national and international levels and brought name and fame for themselves as well as to their Alma Mater. The college welcomes you to explore the website for more information about the facilities and the programmes and request you to use the suggestion link in the home page for all your opinions and comments, to feel free in sharing new ideas that may inspire us to do better and hope this will help us to full fill our vision and mission.