College Council

The college council constituted as per the statute of the University of Calicut consists of the Principal, heads of all the departments and two nominated members from the teaching faculty. The staff council for the academic year 2023-24 is:


         Dr. Ajith M.S (Principal)

Members: (Heads of the Departments)

  1. Dr. Jafar Sadik P.P (Arabic)
  2. Sri. Dayanandan K (Malayalam)
  3.  Smt. Sini G. (Commerce)
  4. Dr. Abuthahir Afzal (Physics)
  5. Dr. Rajish Kumar P (Mathematics)
  6. Smt. Vinni Rani Krishna (English)
  7. Sri. Shukoor Illath (Physical Education)
  8. Smt. Jeena M.P. (Statistics)

Elected Members

  1. Dr. Abdul Jaleel T (Arabic)
  2. Sri. Badisha V (Commerce)