Committee for SC & ST

SC/ST Cell


Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) have been identified as the two most backward groups of Indian Society. They include all the castes, races or tribes, which have been  socially, economically and educationally backward. The cell has been established to give motivation and support for such students and to bring them in the main stream.  The college takes special interest in facilitating financial support to students from these communities from government agencies and other sources. The cell encouraged them to enroll for different programs that will help them to meet their career objectives. The cell has been organizing different awareness programs on various topics like Computer Skills, Soft Skill  etc.


  • To guide SC/ ST students and help them to involve in academic activities .
  • To counsel the SC/ ST students and help them to manage academic and personal issues of college life effectively.
  • To make aware of  various scholarships program of State Govt. and UGC.
  • To provide the mechanism to redress the grievance of SC/ST students, if any
  • To ensure a free and safe environment in the campus.
  • .To provide special helps to prepare for the competitive exams.
  • To take special follow up measures to achieve the objectives and goals that set prior.


  • Collect reports and information of State Govt. and UGC’s orders on various aspects of  education, employment of SC/ST Students.
  • Circulate State Govt. and UGC’s decisions about different scholarship programs.
  • Frequent meeting with students.
  • Take necessary measures to help the students for PSC one time registration.
  • Communicate with the students and motivate them for better future planning
  • Computer awareness programs.
  • Office  automation workshop.