OBC Cell

Establishment of the Cell

The inception of the OBC Cell at T.M. Govt. College was undertaken with the primary objective of empowering OBC students. The establishment of this cell in the college is aimed at ensuring the effective implementation of various UGC, Government of India, and State Government schemes, particularly those related to scholarships and stipends for the welfare of reserved categories.


The OBC Cell within the college has been instituted to address the concerns and challenges faced by OBC students. The following are the key objectives of the OBC Cell:

  1. To educate and empower students and staff belonging to OBC categories in the college, enabling them to utilize the facilities provided by the government and other agencies for their educational and occupational advancement.
  2. To consistently implement and monitor reservation policies, ensuring the effective execution of government and UGC policies and programs.
  3. To gather data pertaining to policy implementation in terms of admissions, appointments in teaching and non-teaching positions, and analyze trends to meet the required quota.
  4. To organize Continuing Education Programs (CEPs) for students, researchers, teachers, and non-teaching staff, facilitating the enhancement of their knowledge and skills.

Functions of the OBC Cell:

  1. To disseminate orders and circulars issued by the University, Government of India, and UGC, collecting information on course-wise admissions of OBC candidates annually and taking necessary follow-up actions.
  2. To collect and analyze reports, orders, and information from the Government of India and UGC regarding various aspects of education, training, and employment of OBC candidates.
  3. To prepare reports and digests based on the analyzed information for submission to the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, University Grant Commission, and other relevant authorities.
  4. To monitor the Remedial Coaching Scheme for OBC and Minority students in the University.
  5. To organize and monitor special coaching, training, and remedial coaching schemes for OBC and Minority students, preparing them for UGC-NET/SLET/JRF/SET/other competitive examinations.
  6. To coordinate with government bodies, UGC, and other organizations to secure scholarships, freeships, and other financial benefits for OBC and minority students.
  7. To address representations received from OBC and Minority candidates regarding admissions, scholarships, recruitment, promotion, and similar matters in the University.
  8. To function as a Grievances Redress Cell for the academic, research, and administrative concerns of OBC students and staff, including Minority students and employees.
  9. To maintain a comprehensive database of OBC and Minority candidates in the University and colleges to facilitate placement services.
  10. To undertake any additional tasks assigned by the University to promote higher education among OBC students and staff.

Activities 2022-23

In 2022-23, students were informed about the various govt. Scholarships for minorities by sending the soft copies of the notification orders to the students by social media by the coordinator. Moreover, the students were  informed about the quota for admission in higher education institutions for OBC students in the classes by the coordinator.



Dr. Abuthahir Afsal, Assistant Professor in Physics

Other Members:

  1. U. V. Malayalam Member
  2. C. K. Commerce Member
  3. Hilal. K. M. Arabic Member
  4. Shameen MK Mathematics Member
  5. Sabna Pari Malayalam Member