Institutional distinctiveness

The institutional vision for potential growth and development hinges on the strength and support that come from mutual cooperation between the college and the neighbouring community. The long term outcome of all initiatives and programs implemented every year, we believe, must be an abiding sense of trust and reciprocity in the local community towards the institution which would further empower us to greater academic excellence. The college is situated in one of the coastal belts of Kerala and hence community is central to all endeavours and achievements of the institution. The institution supported the emergency health measures undertaken by the state government by strictly adhering to Covid-19 Protocols, and through small gestures of social intervention like distributing masks and sanitizers to the local people. An awareness class on the Corona virus and the precautionary practices to combat it were conducted for the students and staff of the college.

Under the leadership of NSS, a green initiative of planting an organic vegetable garden within the college campus was executed in collaboration with the Government department for Agriculture. A share of the produce went to the college canteen run by Kudumbashree unit, a part of the largest women Self Help Group in the country and whose beneficiaries were the underprivileged women from the locality. The rest were locally sold. Also, at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic the vegetables were supplied to the nearby community kitchen.

“Abhayam Bhavanam”, a project for building homes for the homeless, started the previous academic year completed its first project with the collective efforts of the students, and  the  representatives from the local bodies.

The activities of NSS, NCC and various other clubs and cells in the college shouldered the responsibility of Youth empowerment by conducting awareness programmes on relevant topics like health and environment, by creating opportunities to participate in and contribute to socially beneficial projects and programmes of the government and other organizations and by celebrating days of regional, national and international significance that foster gender equity, social harmony and universalism.

Sky watching sessions were hosted by the college to infuse scientific temperament amongst the academic community and the general public. The sophisticated telescopes for deep sky probing of the Physics department were made available for the purpose. Since many of our students were first generation learners from the vicinity, by spreading scientific awareness in them and the local community, the target was to strive to inculcate a rational outlook in the participants and thereby enable them to recognize and oppose superstitious thinking and practices.

Smile Shop, a student centered self-help, honesty and trust building programme based on the principle of mutual co-operation was continued this academic year as well. The shop also turned into a platform for income generation whereby students could earn some money by selling their hand made products and thus partake in a culture of entrepreneurship. Motivational talks by entrepreneurs from diverse fields were occasionally organized to develop an aptitude for entrepreneurship in the students.